• What is an Impact Socket Set?

    What is an Impact Socket Set?

    The impact socket is a very useful tool that will make your life a lot easier. The tool features a powerful impact force that can penetrate a fastener. Its hexagonal shape allows it to grip a fastener better. The sockets in the impact socket set are ... read more

    09-02-2022 Industry News
  • The Advantages of Lithium Tools

    The Advantages of Lithium Tools

    Compared to older technologies, Lithium tools have several advantages. They are extremely durable and offer up to three times the life of old models. They also cost less than comparable NiCd tools. The price difference between these two battery types... read more

    24-01-2022 Industry News
  • 7T Jack Stand 

    7T Jack Stand 

    The jack is made of welded steel for extra strength and prevents distortion. The stands are sold in pairs, so you will need to purchase two of them to raise your vehicle. To order these jacks, visit the manufacturer's website. You will need to specif... read more

    12-01-2022 Industry News
  • Paint Tank With Automatic Valve

    Paint Tank With Automatic Valve

    When you need to use a large amount of paint, a Paint Tank is an excellent choice. A Tank can hold up to two and a half gallons of material and is easy to use with most pressure-feed spray guns. Its lid is made of stainless steel and can accommodate ... read more

    06-01-2022 Industry News
  •  Choosing the Right Air Die Grinder

     Choosing the Right Air Die Grinder

    When you want to make a die, an air die grinder is the perfect tool for the job. Its fixed heads allow for precise grinding, and the throttle or lever can be angled 90 degrees. While the in-line type is more suitable for general purpose work, angled ... read more

    30-12-2021 Industry News