Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Kit

Summary: Fuel Injection Pressure Gauge is a valuable tool for any mechanic or shop that works on fuel injectors or fuel injector related tasks. With its power

Fuel Injection Pressure Gauge is a valuable tool for any mechanic or shop that works on fuel injectors or fuel injector related tasks. With its powerful core fuel injection pressure gauge put (EEF500CORE), you now have all the tools you require to start your fuel injection service business. The Universal Caliper Pressure Gauge can be used for both diesel and gasoline applications. The 18 pc universal caliper pressure gauges has a nice large button that can be easily understood and operated.
This product offers two types of fuel injection pressure gauge tester, which are, Gas Count Gauge (GVC) and Gas Pressure Gauge (GP Gauge). Both gauges are digital and have a very large illuminated screen for more information. The Gas Count Gauge will show you the quantity of gasses released by the fuel injection system. The GVC gauge will monitor the pressure released by the fuel injection system as well as display the pressure and flow of gas from the fuel injection system.
The Universal Fuel Injection Gauge is an excellent product for a fuel injection service technician to have. It helps to save money by making fuel system troubleshooting much easier. The fuel pressure test kit also offers numerous other benefits. It can be used as a diagnostic test device with any type of automotive engine, whether gasoline or diesel. It is compatible with any vehicle manufactured for sale and is an affordable option for a mechanic to have in his arsenal.
Using the Universal Fuel Injection Gauge is much like using a car alarm that will warn you if there is a problem with the fuel pump or fuel injector pressure release valve. This handy little tool is perfect for anyone who routinely checks their fuel system. Most mechanics will own this tool and they may use it on occasion when something in their car needs attention. However, there are few instances where this is not necessary and when it is a necessity you can count on the fuel pressure gauge tester kit to come in handy.
When you are troubleshooting your gas engine fuel injection pressure tester, you have to make sure that you are wearing the proper protective gear. For one thing, you should have a full tank of fuel on hand before performing this check. You should also ensure that you have turned off the ignition and unplugged the engine. Also, it is essential to protect your eyes with your goggles and to protect your hands and arms with safety gloves.
The gauge will show the pressure and flow of gasses passing through the fuel pump. To check this pressure you will need a 2" long hose with a'' sae standard schrader valve on the end. Start by unhooking the long hose and insert it into the rear side of the fuel pump. Feed the long hose through the back of the fuel rail and attach it to the terminal on the low pressure side of the lanyard.
To properly perform the fuel pressure test kit you will need a professional fuel pressure tester kit pressure gauge with a lanyard and a long 2" hose. Set up your kit so the hose is visible and place the long hose into the fuel rail behind the carburetor. Start the motor and aim the nozzle at the rear intake port. The gauge should read "full."
The fuel injection pressure tester kit comes with the necessary hardware. To use the gauge properly you will need to periodically inspect it to make sure it is not leaking. Some hoses will be more leak prone than others. If you notice a small drip, clean it with mineral spirits or a high quality Q-tip. If you see more leak, replace the hose that came with your fuel injection pump.